Al's on Seventh

98% love it
Showstopping since 2001
Grab a drink, relax on the outdoor patio, and catch some drag in the showroom .


    • Cikrox
      Cikrox Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Be GAY somewhere else!
      Lack of care or attention of its guests. I found Al's rude and enlightening. My story has me outside in the back where it became chilly. The Bartender gave me permission to turn on the gas heaters outside. When one failed to operate I moved to another one and started to get settled. Low and be hold, 20mins after hanging out in the back a chick that wasn't identifiable as working there became rude with me about all that I was doing. It became all too confusing when she told me to put a table in walk path when she just told me they can not be in the way where people walk. Our group decided to leave after another beer. The Bartender, so nicely asked if I got everything squared away out there and I told him no. But apparently there was a waitress attending the area all along. Humm.... On the way out, cashing out with the Bartender, he asked if they did anything about the situation out there. I told him no, she never returned or did a thing about it. She overheard, where she came from, I'm sure and yelled "I was told not too". I replied back, "You were told not too, by who?" The Owner replied, by ME and by the way, now approaching me placing his large hand on me and told me to get out and while your at it, never come back here again. Nice how this was handled and waiting until I was done spending my money there for the night to kick me out under bad judgement and leaving because we were cold. Honestly, Al's is the worst gay establishment I have attended. I feel that in Birmingham there isnt much to offer so we put up with crappy Owners which turns into crappy Service and somehow a really cool Bartender. He was the only one I could identify the whole time as working there because he was stuck behind the bar before all the shenanigans started. Note to Owner: Banning one means you ban the group as we hang with each other when going out. Notice a few regulars missing or turning up less?

    • BeardedGuy
      BeardedGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Meeting Place
      Doug & Barry are the best!

    • Mark590
      Mark590 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Al's on Seventh -- a GREAT place!
      Although this bar has changed name several times over the past 10 years, it's now a GREAT place to party every night of the week! Great drag, fantastic music, karaoke, great drink specials all week!